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Speller Web Content Assessor- Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Language: Portuguese

Location: Brazil - Work From Home

Status: Independent Contractor, Part-time

Job Description

Do you constantly find yourself getting frustrated when you are not receiving the results you searched for on the Internet? Are your queries generating relevant results? If no, then this position is for you!

The hours are flexible to fit around your family and home life, up to 20 per week, (working your own hours, Sunday – Saturday, depending on availability of tasks) providing the ideal solution for a work-life balance. With this freelance position, additional languages are a plus.

This is a freelance, independent contractor position.

In the future you may also have the opportunity to qualify for and work within a marketplace environment. This will provide you with the prospect of working on many different task types and increase your earning power.

This task involves following a set of guidelines, to help determine the best spelling for queries that are entered by users into search engines. Within the task you will be provided with a query and 3 possible spell corrections. Your goal will be to follow the guidelines and determine the correctness of query and spell correction. Correctness means that the spell correction is correctly spelled, with the user’s most likely search intent kept in mind.

This task will involve research to determine the most likely intent of the query to help determine the best spell correction.


·          Fluency in English and Portuguese is essential, additional language skills are an advantage

·          Must be working and living in Brazil for a period of 5 years

·          Familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs etc. in your country

·          A keen interest in the Internet e.g. researcher, blog writing, forums, website publishing

·          Flexibility to complete a variety of different tasks following standard sets of guidelines

·          Strong attention to detail, analytical skills and excellent communication are essential

·          Ability to work independently and flexibly to new techniques/processes

·          Degree level qualification

Technical Requirements

·          Work from home office environment

·          PC with Windows 7 or Vista. Apple OS or older versions of Windows are not acceptable

·          High Speed Internet connection. Minimum upload speed of 1mpbs

·          Software applications, e.g. Antivirus software, Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, Adobe Shockwave player, Microsoft Silverlight etc.

This is an exciting opportunity so don’t miss out.

To submit your application, please copy and paste the below link into a new browser:



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